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JPlayer demo

Player on this page have set skin Nacht v1.0 included in plugin package.


Single video
Article tag: { flv}video1{/fl}
File location: media/video1.flv

Click to download in FLV format (211.21kB)


Single video with preview, custom resolution and link to Jplayer homesite
Article tag: { flv}video2|695|512{/flv}
File location: media/video/video2.flv
Preview image location: media/video/video2.png

Click to download in FLV format (211.21kB)Powered by JPlayer


Video playlist
Article tag: { videoplaylist}videoplaylist{/videoplaylist}
File location: media/playlist/videoplaylist.xml


Single mp3 with debug mode
Article tag: { mp3}futurama{/mp3}
File location: media/audio/futurama.mp3

Click to download in MP3 format (428.19kB)
JPlayer debugmode
Tag: [mp3]futurama[/mp3]
File: disabled
File exists: true
File link:
Preview file exists: false
Width: 300
Height: 20
Autoplay: false
Subtitles: false
Subtitles file exists: false


MP3 playlist
Article tag: { mp3playlist}mp3playlist{/mp3playlist}
File location: media/playlist/mp3playlist.xml


Video with subtitles
Article tag: { flv}video1||||1{/flv}
Files locations: media/video1.flv and media/

Play video with default width, height and autoplay. Subtitles are active and player load file